Didik Sasongko Widi
Chairman of Indonesian Gas Society /
Chairman Organizing Committee of IndoGAS 2019

While IndoGAS conferences provide a deep dive into the local Indonesian gas industry, they also look at international trends and are now considered to be the premier natural gas and LNG industry gatherings in the region. IndoGAS 2019 will be a landmark event that deals with strategic, regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of the gas business for industry leaders, legislators, experts and committed professionals that are regulating, developing, operating and financing Asia/Pacific natural gas, LNG and energy infrastructure.

The demand for natural gas continues to rise in Indonesia and its neighbors, against a backdrop of all the countries in the region strivingto achieve security of energy supply. Amongst the challenges that the industry faces are how to improve the availability, deliverability and affordability of natural gas, upstream and downstream, and how to balance demand and supply through local production, exports and imports in order to achieve the best business outcomes for investors, the best prices for consumers and the best strategic outcomes for the host country. For Indonesia, this critically includes a focus away from Java and Sumatra to other parts of the archipelago that need energy to stimulate economic growthand provide social equity.

New Indonesian Government regulations have been implemented to ease barriers to energy investment, avert energy crises and provide impetus to the energy industry by, for example, encouraging the building of integrated energy infrastructure to connect producers with customers. There is a new focus on village industries, part of President Joko Widodo’s vision of building Indonesia from its outer regions and one of his Government’s nine “key agendas”. In addition to the development of gas industry, there is also a recognation that renewable energy must be developed in parallel as a measure for meeting national energy mix target by 2025

There will be no shortage of opportunities for investors, producers, consumers, service providers and financiers in Indonesia and ASEAN in the next decade, and IndoGAS 2019 will provide a critical platform to address this and other issues:

  • The need to build and implement national strategies for growing energy infrastructure, the economy, skills and social benefits while protecting the environment and keeping people healthy
  • How to fund and develop the business opportunities needed to deliver national goals – particularly in Indonesia, a nation of more than 17,000 islands for most of which utility-scale energy systems don’t work?
  • Where to find, and how to harness, the $1 trillion needed for regional energy growth in the next decade?
  • Is gas delivering on its promise as the “transition fuel” between the past of coal and oil and the low carbon/no carbon future?
  • What innovative new technologies can help us exploit Indonesia’s gas and renewable energy sources more efficiently?


IndoGAS 2019, the 9th International Indonesia Gas Conference & Exhibition, will attract Government officials, global natural gas industry executives and professionals, service providers, technology developers and financial engineers to come together to discuss the roadmap to our energy future.


We look forward to welcoming you to IndoGAS 2019 in the heart of the amazing City of Jakarta.

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19 - 20 February 2019 Jakarta Convention Center - Indonesia







Conference Topics


  • Gas and Renewable Energy Policy to Achieve Secure, Sustainable Energy Supply
  • Global Outlook on Gas & LNG
  • Creating a Balanced Fiscal policy on gas to stimulateresourcemonetization and boost economic development
  • A Look at the Future of the Indonesian Gas and LNG Sector
  • The Role of Gas/LNG in PLN’s Merit System
  • PGN’s Role in Developing Gas Industry in Indonesia
  • Accelerating Gas Supply Infrastructure Development : Investor Perspective
  • Project Financing & Structuring to Enhance Gas Infrastructure Development


Strategic Panel Discussions

  • Gas and LNG Supply Across the Archipelago
  • Gas Infrastructure Development
  • LNG to Power
  • Global LNG Supply Demand
  • Economics of FSRU and Small-Medium Scale LNG Receiving Terminals and Regasification Plants.

Who Should attend?

This conference is for senior decision makers from across the sector: gas explorers and producers;gas/LNG buyers and traders; end users, including city gas companies, power developers and manufacturers; shippers and stores; financers; legislators, regulators and government officials; technology experts; consultants; and academics.


GAS & LNG Business FORUM

This early panel session will bring togetherkey executives driving innovation and investment in the Indonesian and international gas and LNG value chain with the people that regulate their industry. The purpose of the Business Forum is to promote constructive discussion amongst gas sector stakeholders (government, producers, sellers, users and industry associations) in the presence ofpolicy makers from the Government of Indonesia. The Forum is designed to allow the participants to tackle difficult questions head on, in an environment conducive to robust debate.

A highlight of IndoGAS 2019, the Business Forum is intended to capture the key themes of the Conference and provide an early burst of energy that will set the tone for the two days to follow. In a nutshell, the Business Forum will provide high level insights to fundamentally important Indonesian Gas & LNG issues from some of the people that strongly influence the way the industry will develop over the next decade.



Sponsorship Opportunities

The 9th International Indonesia Gas Conference & Exhibition offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities which will raise and provide first class esposure to top industry companies in by securing sponsorship.

Please contact the Committee Secretariat as not to miss this unrivalled opportunity. All sponsorship opportunities are allocated on first-come first served basis.



The IndoGAS 2019 Exhibition will provide an unrivalled promotional vehicle for companies wishing to advertise or establish their position in the Indonesian and international gas markets. The event offers an exceptional opportunity to influence, show off to, and network with key industry decision makers and technicians from around the region.

IndoGAS 2019 is expected to attract significantly more participants and visitors, and is being held at a time of greater urgency and sense of anticipation for the industry.

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Participants of the past IndoGAS 2017


Program At A GLANCE

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Opening Ceremony

Keynote 1 – Gas and Renewable Energy Policy to achieve Sustainable Energy Supply

Keynote 2 – Global Outlook on Gas & LNG

Networking Luncheon

Gas & LNG Business Forum

Coffee Break

Keynote 3 – Creating a Balanced Fiscal Policy on Gas to Enable Sustainable Gas Monetization and Economic Development

Keynote 4 – A Look at the Future of the Indonesian Gas and LNG Sector

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Keynote 5 – Accelerating Gas Supply Infrastructure Development
Coffee Break

Strategic Panel Discussion 2 - Future Gas and LNG Supply Across the Archipelago

Networking Luncheon

Keynote 6- The Role of Gas/LNG in PLN's Merit System

Strategic Panel Discussion 3 – Gas Infrastructure Development

Coffee Break

Strategic Panel Discussion 4 – Project Financing & Structuring to Enhance Gas Infrastructure Development

Strategic Panel Discussion 5 - Economics of FSRU and Small-Medium Scale LNG Receiving Terminals and Regasification Plants.


GAllery Photos Indogas 2017

Event Location

Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia